The Downside to Using Free Stock Photos on Pinterest

The Downside to Using Free Stock Photos on Pinterest

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Free stock photos are tempting to use on Pinterest. There are so many beautiful options out there to be found on Unsplash or Pexels. The problem with beautiful, free photos? Everyone is using them!

Why does it matter?

It boils down to understanding how Pinterest works. Pinterest is a visual search engine, not a social media site. It “sees” your pins and uses that to determine what your pin is about and who to distribute your content to. You’ll notice that if you use a fantastic free stock photo, Pinterest will begin recommending other pins for your board with that exact same image, regardless of what that pin is actually about.

You don’t want that.

The key to mastering Pinterest is to use good SEO strategies to ensure that Pinterest: A. knows what you pin is about, and B. views your pin as high-quality which will help get you more views and (potentially) clicks.


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Where To Find High-Quality Stock Photos For Pinterest

When you use paid stock photos, you give yourself an opportunity to really stand out on Pinterest, which is so important on a medium that is constantly growing by leaps and bounds.

Have you ever noticed how so many pins on Pinterest seem to look alike? You do NOT want to be one of those pinners. How will anyone decide to click on your pin versus the dozens of others with the same or similar images and virtually identical content?

My goal is to help you differentiate yourself from other pinners in your niche and it starts with high quality, unique visuals on your pin designs.

Here are my top recommendations, some of which contain affiliate links, so be advised.

Exploring various options for affordable stock photos to be used on Pinterest

Top Four Recommendations For Photos for Pinterest

1. Deposit Photos – This is one I personally use and have had a lot of success with on Pinterest. They have hundreds of millions of photos on nearly any topic imaginable as well as millions of stock video. The prices are affordable, but once or twice per year, AppSumo runs a special where you can get 200 stock photos for $0.50 a piece.

2. Storyblocks – This is another affordable paid stock photo membership site with plans as low as $9/month for unlimited membership photos. If you use a lot of graphics on your site and make more than 10 new pins per month (which you should!), then this site is a fantastic option for you.

3. Haute Stock – If you have a more feminine aesthetic for your business, this is a fantastic option for you. Simply put, these images are really, really pretty and will give your blog and Pinterest profile a unique, and professional look. It’s pricier than the other two options, but it is very niche-specific and will give you an excellent ROI if in a competitive market.

4. 123RF – This site has photos, video, and audio all at prices comparable to Deposit Photos. I particularly enjoy their more abstract images which are visually stunning, bold, and (if appropriate for your niche) high impact.

Need Further Help With Your Pinterest Photos Or Design?

I offer a variety of Pinterest management services including pin design and can help you convert visually stunning stock photos into pins that perform and drive traffic to your site. In many cases, you can reuse the templates in Canva to create multiple designs. Contact me to learn more!


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